Gold Tiger Barb

Most tropical fish keepers have kept Tiger Barbs at some point in time. They are not always the ideal community fish as they can pester and fin nip. However, they can be an ideal tank mate for some of the more boisterous fish such as some American Cichlids.

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Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a Freshwater fish of the characin family of order Characiformes. The type species of its genus, it is native to blackwater and clearwater streams in the Amazon basin of South America.

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Albino Black Neon Tetra

The Albino black neon tetra is native to the Paraguay basin of southern Brazil. In the wild, these fish prefer small tributaries, creeks, areas of flooded forest, and sandbanks. Their natural habitat is usually very acidic, and the water is stained brown from chemicals released by decaying organic material.   At an adult size of little more than 3cm,...

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Albino Rummynose Tetra

The Albino Rummy Nose Tetra (Hemigrammus bleheri "Albino"), also known as the Firehead Tetra, is a very popular schooling community fish. Its red-orange nose and horizontally striped black and white tail make it a very distinctive aquarium fish.

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Beacon Tetra

Hemigrammus ocellifer is a South American freshwater fish, also described by the synonyms Hemibrycon ocellifer and Tetragonopterus ocellifer. Common names include beacon fish, beacon tetra, head-and-tail light tetra and head-and-taillight tetra.

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Cardinal Tetra

The Cardinal Tetra is a freshwater fish of the family Characidae of order Characiformes. It is native to the upper Orinoco and Negro Rivers in South America.

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Congo Tetra

The colourful tetras of South America have relatives that are just as colourful in the region of the Congo River in Africa. One of these species is the Congo Tetra, which shines in all the colours of the rainbow.

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Emperor Tetra

Nematobrycon palmeri, commonly known as the emperor tetra, is a species of characid fish found in the Atrato and San Juan river basins in western Colombia. It was first imported in the aquarium trade to the United States in 1960 and has since become well established.

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