central American Species

All Central American cichlids are intelligent and many have striking patterns. They range from moderately to very aggressive depending on species, and are best kept with other cichlids.

Central American cichlids generally form mated pairs, spawn in caves or on rocks, and both parents help protect their young.

It will be tempting to combine Central American cichlids with their distant African cousins, but harsh experience has shown this to be a very bad idea that almost always ends in disaster.

Quite simply, these two groups of fish diverged too long ago in their evolution and they do not recognize each other’s body language of aggression, submission, and so on.

Combining these two groups of cichlid will result in something much like a gang war between the mafia and yakuza. Eventually the smaller or less aggressive species will become victims. So, keep your Central American cichlids and African Cichlids in separate aquariums.

central American Species

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