Gold Tiger Barb

Most tropical fish keepers have kept Tiger Barbs at some point in time. They are not always the ideal community fish as they can pester and fin nip. However, they can be an ideal tank mate for some of the more boisterous fish such as some American Cichlids.

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Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a Freshwater fish of the characin family of order Characiformes. The type species of its genus, it is native to blackwater and clearwater streams in the Amazon basin of South America.

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Hugo kamishi
Hugo kamishi

Hugo kamishi

Designer aquarium products by Hugo Kamishi.

Whatever your ideas for planning your fish tank, 

Hugo Kamishi can provide you with everything you require to turn your aquarium into the stunning aquascape of your dreams. 

The feeling of contentment from watching your fish in their delightful surroundings will last for years. 

The perfect antidote to stressful modern living.

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Hugo Kamishi Snow White Sand 2kg

Hugo Kamishi Natural Fine Gravel offers a mix of fine gravel 1-2mm in size. It makes the ideal base layer for planting in and placing hardscape materials on, such as rock or wood. The finer grain size makes this gravel much easier to plant in compared to other larger gravel sizes available.

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