Freshwater Moray Eel


Scientific Name - Muraenidae

Our Size - 15-20cm

Max Size - Approx. 100cm

Temperature Range - 22-30°C

pH Range - 7.5-8.5

Diet - They are considered a tricky species to get feeding in captivity but in reality not too hard if its basic requirements are met. When kept in freshwater it is generally far more difficult to induce to feed than if maintained under brackish or marine conditions. They may only show interest in live foods such as river shrimp initially, but will usually adapt to dead eventually. Prawns and white fish such as lance fish are the preferred foods, but they will also take earthworms, mussel and other meaty foods. Dried foods are rarely if ever accepted.

Compatibility - These eels likes to feed on fish by nature but will not usually attack any fish too large to be considered food. Given the adult size however, tank mates should be chosen very carefully. It is very happy in the company of its own kind and is often more confident and outgoing when kept in this way. 

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