Gold Tiger Barb

Most tropical fish keepers have kept Tiger Barbs at some point in time. They are not always the ideal community fish as they can pester and fin nip. However, they can be an ideal tank mate for some of the more boisterous fish such as some American Cichlids.

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Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is a Freshwater fish of the characin family of order Characiformes. The type species of its genus, it is native to blackwater and clearwater streams in the Amazon basin of South America.

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Xanthic Convict Cichlid

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Our Size - 1-1.5"

Max Size - 4.75"

Temperature Range - 26-29°C

pH Range - 6.5-7.5

Diet - In natural habitats, the species has a diet composed of various prey, including crustaceans, small fish, insects, worms, plants and algae. 

Compatibility - Ideal tank mates for convict cichlids consists of robust similar sized fish. Such fish include T-Bar cichlids, Honduran red points, Green Terrors, Jewel cichlids, Salvini, Pictus catfish, plecos, as well as other convicts. 

Our fish will vary from the image shown as our images are to show the potential size & colours and markings when at a fully mature size.

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Parrot Fish

Parrot fishes are a group of about 90 fish species regarded as a family, or a subfamily of the wrasses. With about 95 species, this group's largest species richness is in the Indo-Pacific. They are found in coral reefs, rocky coasts, and seagrass beds, and can play a significant role in bioerosion.

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Electric Blue Ram

The Electric Blue Ram is a tank-bred colour strain of the Ram. In the wild, Rams are known from the Colombian and Venezuelan Llanos of the Orinoco River drainage.

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Blue Acara

The Blue Acara is a very colourful freshwater fish in the cichlid family. This fish can be found in various freshwater habitats, ranging from standing water to flowing streams, in Venezuela and Trinidad.

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