Royal Farlowella Catfish


Scientific Name - Sturisoma Panamense

Our Size - 3" (7.6cm)

Max Size - 8" (20cm)

Temperature Range - 24-27°C

pH Range - 6.0-7.0

Diet - Primarily vegetarian, so the bulk of the diet should be composed of vegetable matter such as cucumber slices, kale, blanched spinach etc. Also algae wafers, spirulina tablets etc. They will accept small live and frozen foods such as bloodworm or daphnia, these should be offered occasionally, although never as a main component of the diet.

Compatibility - Twig Catfish are timid, so avoid aggressive, boisterous, or even simply large fish. Possible tankmates could include small characins, danios and other loricariids inhabiting similar waters such as Chaetostoma sp.

Stock Photo - Photo will be updated soon.

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The Royal Farlowella Catfish is a sucker mouth catfish that may also be referred to as the Panama Sturisoma. The male's first dorsal fin is long and it has facial "whiskers." The Farlowella Catfish comes from fast flowing rivers in South America.

A minimum of a 30-gallon tank is recommended to house this fish. Plants and rocks should be utilized but numerous hiding spaces are not required. The Royal Farlowella Cat requires high aeration with sufficient filtration.

These fish have bred successfully in aquariums. Spawning occurs on flat or open surfaces, with the female laying about 60 yellow to brown eggs. The male will guard the eggs as they darken. The eggs hatch in about one week and the fry need to be fed blanched spinach and small pieces of pellet food.

In addition to the leftover food it will scavenge from the bottom, the Royal Farlowella Cat should also be fed sinking catfish pellets and algae wafers.

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