Thorichthys Meeki (Firemouth)


Scientific Name - Thorichthys Meeki

Our Size - 3cm

Max Size - 15cm

Minimum Tank Size -

Temperature Range - 23-30°C

pH Range - 6.5-8.0


You can feed your Firemouth Cichlid twice a day in small portions. We suggest providing a high quality diet by feeding high quality pellets or flakes. You can also feed them vegetables such as spinach, spirulina, and a meaty supplement such as brine shrimp, blood worms, mysis and daphnia (fresh or frozen).

Compatibility - It is best to keep these fish in a species only setup or with other relatively placid species such as Severums or Blue Acaras. Do not house them with large, aggressive species, as Firemouths are essentially a shy, peaceful fish outside of breeding time. Likewise any slow-moving tankmates should be avoided.

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