Vieja Argentea


Scientific Name - Vieja Argentea

Our Size - 4-5cm (1.5-2") 

Max Size - 30cm (12")

Temperature Range - 26-30°C

pH Range - 6.5-7.5

Diet - This species is not a fussy eater, use a good quality cichlid pellet as the staple diet and supplement this with meaty foods such as prawn, mussel and white fish. Vegetable matter in the form of spirulina or algae wafers should also form an important part of the diet.

Compatibility - As is common with many of the Central American Cichlid species, the Silver Cichlid is quite aggressive and territorial, it is sometimes possible to house a community of robust same species fish. However, enough rock and bogwood need to be provided to form sufficient territories for all the fish. 

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