Parachromis Managuensis (Jaguar Cichlid)


Scientific Name - Parachromis Managuensis

Our Size - 4.5-5cm (1.5-2") 

Max Size - 35.5cm (14") 

Min Tank Size - 350 Litres

Temperature Range - 24-28°C

pH Range - 7.0-8.7

Diet - They enjoy various types of live fish, they can also eat cut up fish or crayfish and dry foods. The jaguar cichlid prefers food like earthworms, crickets and tadpoles. Remember to feed them only once a day because they tend to eat too much.

Compatibility - You can house these fish with those of the same species if raised together from a very small size. Recommended species are Red Terrors, Green Texas Cichlids, Oscar Fish, Jack Dempsey, Carpintis Cichlids, and Convicts.

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Jaguar cichlid review

I am very happy with my jaguar cichlids. They were well packaged for shipping and arrived in great condition. Predator aquatics were a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended.

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