Thorichthys Aureus


Scientific Name - Thorichthys Aureus

Our Size - 4.5-5cm (1.75-2") 

Max Size - 4.3 inch

Temperature Range - 25-28°C

pH Range - 7.5-8.0

Diet - These fish readily take all the usual foods, including flake, algae wafers, wet-frozen bloodworms, and small live foods like daphnia and brine shrimp.

Compatibility - Outside of breeding they are essentially peaceful fish. Good tankmates for non-breeding Thorichthys include livebearers of suitable size, such as Swordtails and Platies, as well as other schooling fish that appreciate similar environmental conditions, like Rainbowfish and Central American characins. However, while Thorichthys are inept predators, they can and will eat very small tankmates, such as Guppies.

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