Red Micky Mouse Platy


Scientific Name - Xiphophorus Maculatus

Our Size - 1.5" (4cm)

Max Size - 1-2" (3.5-5cm)

Temperature Range - 18-25°C

pH Range - 7.0-8.0

Diet - Live food such as brine shrimp, glass worms, and blood worms are a good supplement. Frozen or freeze-dried varieties of the same foods offer a good alternative. A varied diet including plenty of vegetable matter ​ensures good health.

Compatibility - These fish often prefer the company of other members of the Xiphophorus genus. These are all live bearing fish, such as guppies, mollies, and swordtails. Other compatible tankmates include angels, catfish, danios, gourami's and tetras.

Photo - Stock photo to be updated soon.

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