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Red Devil


Scientific Name - Amphilophus Labiatus

Our Size - 2.5"

Max Size - 15"

Minimum Tank Size - 1000 Litre

Temperature Range - 21-26°C

pH Range - 6.0-8.0

Diet - Feed a good quality cichlid stick as staple and supplement this with regular feeds of live and frozen food such as earthworms, prawns (shells on as they contain valuable carotene which helps maintain the colouration of the fish), mussels etc. Vegetable matter, peas, spinach should also form a good proportion of the diet.

Compatibility - These fish require a very large tank in order to be housed with other fish. Some possibilities of tank mates are other robust Central American cichlids, large Loricariids and other big catfish along with decent-sized fast swimming fish such as silver sharks and tinfoil barbs etc. Keep a close eye on proceedings, as some will not tolerate any tankmates and will attack anything else in the tank. Keeping more than 1 male is not usually an option in any tank, regardless of size.

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