Predator Aquatics LTD Amended Delivery notes:  valid from 16/01/2021


Common Questions & Answers,

Livestock: Our Shipping days are as followed:


We have other days accessible to others to which we will only utilize in urgent situations,

We run a busy in store and online business so we can only ship on this said day in full force.

Our standard shipping fee per insulated poly box is £25 this is a fixed fee and is not adjustable,
We will not ship on a Thursday or Friday unless you as the customer accept the surcharge for this service,

Thursday shipping is £10 additional,

Friday shipping for Saturday delivery is £40 additional, Again the latter fees are implied by the courier not us as they do not specifically ship live stock on those two days.

Shipping update from APC; 

The Live Fish / Live Coral service features update starting 1st February 2021

A unique Live Fish and Live Coral service code ‘LF12’ which will allow for easier package identification and performance analysis.

All ‘LF’ items will have a Pre 12:00hrs delivery requirement, and be treated as a Premium item from a routing and delivery perspective

All ‘LF’ items will need the ‘Security’ check box selected on New Horizon at the point of booking – all LF items will be segregated / handled in the same way as other ‘security’ items

Despatches will be Tuesday to Thursday only.

Automatic same day correction of any ‘LF’ consignment that is held at the hub (excl. force majeure) or mis-sorted due to hub error. This will be at the cost of APC Head Office. 

Due to this new service we have had to incorporate an APC rate increase, which I have attached the new rates for this specialised service to this email these apply from 1st February 2021,  please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require any further information on this new service.

Geographic Coverage 


United Kingdom






Czech Republic





















United Kingdom

Dry Goods: Our Shipping days are as followed: 

Dry goods: Cut off point for dry goods is 14:00 Monday to Friday everything leaves on 48-hour unless they pay for 24-hour delivery.

If they order on a weakened it leaves on our next business day.

If a parcel is missing, we work on Royal Mails delivery policy we cannot and will not work by any other means. Please see below.

Compensation for loss will not be considered for an item that Royal Mail has not delivered or attempted to deliver until after

10 working days for items other than Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm® (not posted on account), or

5 working days for Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm® (not posted on account) have elapsed from the due date of delivery, unless there is evidence to the contrary to demonstrate that the item has not been lost.

Where an item is safely delivered after the 10 working days or 5 working days in the case of Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®) the customer will be entitled to claim compensation for delay but not for loss.

Once a parcel leaves us we hold no responsibility and will not step in *other than to chase up royal mail on our side to see if they have it held in their facilities for any reason*

We will not issue replacements or refunds until Royal Mail standards criteria to deem an item lost and or damaged has been met.

free shipping terms

You only qualify for free shipping if you are within the UK,

Sensitive specimens i.e. stingrays, Asian arowana, known sensitive catfish - are all not applicable for free shipping due to the sensitivity of these items insurance is needed! 

Document authorized by: R Murphy,

Position: Company Director,

Date: 30/05/2020.