It is absolutely necessary that you ensure this cabinet and aquarium is installed upon level & stable flooring. 

Installation upon uneven flooring will result in poor distribution of weight.

Damages to the aquarium, cabinet or equipment and damages caused by leaks due to improper or uneven installation are not covered by the guarantee with this product.

This AQUARIUM(S) is covered by a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE.

This guarantee covers only glass fish tank, not products made from wood (cabinet, lid etc.).

This guarantee covers the aquarium against leakage.

This guarantee does not cover:

Glass breakage.

Consumables such as lamps, bulbs, tubes, starters, heaters and etc.

Equipment failures caused by misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, lightning strikes, mains voltage fluctuation, earthquakes, vermin infestation or liquid spillage.

PREDATOR AQUATICS LTD will not be responsible for any damages if the aquarium has been abused or mishandled, subjected to physical use and abuse so as to cause leaks in the aquarium.

Damages brought about by use of any stands aside from the recommended aquarium stands that provide full and solid support to the entire bottom of the aquarium, scratches and crazing caused by use of cleaning material, and repairs by anyone other than the manufacturers.

Delivery agreement:

If you are collecting your order straight from our shop then you must check its condition before collecting.

Our drivers will deliver your order only to your door.

Due to past bad experiences you will have to move aquarium inside the house by yourself.

You can always ask our drivers for a help, but we are not responsible for any damage caused at the time of transfer.

You must inspect all items at the time they are delivered before you sign for your shipment.

You must make certain that everything that you ordered is within the package(s).

We expect all products purchased by you and shipped by PREDATOR AQUATICS LTD to arrive in excellent condition.

However, it is your obligation to check all items carefully. Should there be anything wrong with the shipment do not accept it.


Collection agreement:

If you are collecting your order directly from the shop then you must check its condition before taking away.

We will contact you when your order is ready for collection.

If an item is not collected within 10 weeks of being notified of completion then PREDATOR AQUATICS LTD have the rights to retain the deposit paid and to resell the item(s).


You may cancel at any time, If you request to cancel during the build or pre-delivery stage a retainer will be taken from your initial paid deposit. 

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