Predator Aquatics LTD Amended Stock notes:  valid from 17/02/2020


Species In current stock:

1.) Check

2.) If you don’t see what you are looking for contact us with your requirements.

3.) If in stock we can take payment by several merchant systems and book your purchase for delivery.

4.) If you request a certain species we will do our utmost to provide said species, We cannot guarantee sex on all species by purchasing you agree to this.

5.) If you request a certain sex and that isn't what arrives there is little we can do as we do not guarantee sex.

6.) Sit back relax and your fish will arrive ASAP, (note freezing weather or storms may prevent us shipping for animal welfare reasons).

7.) Send us some photos and leave us some good feedback!

Pre-order species.

1.) Contact us by phone or messenger with the species you require ideally scientific name, size and any further requirements e.g. colour morph, wild variation etc.

2.) Our team will identify where we can source your fish from, and the time we need to import the fish, the sizes etc and we will give you a Quote for your fish.

3.) We require full an final settlement before we will action any Pre-order fish import. Once settled we will add your fish to our import and update with progress to them arriving.

4.) Once they arrive with us in the UK. we will transfer them to Quarantine where they will be monitored and treated accordingly should the need arise, There is a minimum quarantine of 7 days, it is a legal requirement. We cannot and will not speed this process up. The Quarantine period may increase for wild and highly sensitive species.

5.) The fish are released from our fish house and sent by courier at our pre -arranged time with the buyer.

6.) Send us a picture and leave us some good feedback on socials and Google it really is appreciated!

7.) Fish purchased and then asked to be held are then entered into a none refundable state, by asking us to hold stock for you you automatically agree to this term and this decision will not be over turned. 

Document authorized by: R Murphy,

Position: Company Director,

Date: 17/02/2020.


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