Rainbow Cichlid
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Rainbow Cichlid

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Scientific Name Herotilapia Multispinosa

Our Size - 3-6cm

Max Size - 12-15cm

Temperature Range - 22-28°C

pH Range - 7.0-8.0

Diet Though their diet in the wild mainly consists of algae, captive specimens thrive on prepared flake food as well as a variety of insect based foods, pellets and small portions of shrimp. It is important to provide a significant amount of vegetable matter in their diet.

Compatibility - A peaceful Central American cichlid which will appreciate tankmates of a similar disposition. Tetras barbs and other smaller peaceful cichlids can all be considered. Small plecos and doradids also make suitable bottom-dwellers.

Catch Location - Costa Rica - Rio San Juan

Generation - F1

Import date - 29/05/2020

Our juvenile fish will vary from the image shown as our images are to show the potential colours and markings when at a fully mature size.