Bulgarian Seal Point Angelfish
  • Bulgarian Seal Point Angelfish

Bulgarian Seal Point Angelfish

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Scientific Name - Pterophyllum Scalare

Our Size - 3-4cm

Max Size - 6"

Temperature Range - 26-30°C

pH Range - 6.0-7.0

Diet - Angelfish will feed at the surface or mid-water, in nature they often forage along the bottom looking for worms and small crustaceans. They are omnivores and will thrive on tropical flake, tropical granules and shrimp pellets.

Compatibility - Suitable tank mates include larger tetras and rasboras, gouramis, peaceful barbs, rainbowfish, corydoras and other medium-sized catfish.

Our juvenile fish will vary from the image shown as our images are to show the potential colours and markings when at a fully mature size.