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Cherry Barb

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Scientific Name - Puntius Titteya

Our Size - 2-3cm

Max Size - 5.5cm

Temperature Range - 23-27°C

pH Range - 5.5-7.5

Diet - The Cherry Barb needs to be fed a variety of foods including vegetables as well as meaty foods. Feed a quality flake food as well as live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms.

Compatibility - Cherry Barbs are very peaceful and should be put with fish that share that nature. This means fish like tetras, Celestial Pearl Danios, and Glass Catfish will make perfect mates for Barbs. This peaceful nature extends to shrimp and other invertebrates.

Our juvenile fish will vary from the image shown as our images are to show the potential colours and markings when at a fully mature size.