A friends YouTube channel Bill jones he will be sharing alot of the quality stock we import from Max Cichlids and many other locations around the world as he revives his labyrinth also known as his fish house which is conveniently placed in his cellar!

Bill has a great background within the hobby

He set the fish room up in 2003, but then took a break about 8 years ago, and simmered down to just one tank in the living room for a few years he has recently put the fish room back into action again in July 2020 during the first UK lock down.

Which is when we met Bill and his lovely wife, just as we were tackling the mammoth task of building a shop with what seemed like everything against us at this point we had only 40 or so old tired used tanks as glass suppliers were forced to close when Bill wanderd in and took immediate notice of not the old tanks or incomplete shop but the quality of the live stock within the old worn out scratched up tanks and this is when the friendship took off!

Bill was also a long standing member of BCA (British cichlid association) for about 10 years, participated in the Northwest Cichlid Group for an ashtonishing 20 years he was also a member of several other well known clubs such as Merseyside Aquatic Society, Greater Manchester Cichlid Group, Yorkshire Cichlid Group & Preston & District Aquarist Society.  

Bill is a very well known and experienced asset in the hobby...

Please follow, subscribe and share, this man has a library of knowledge dating back 30+ years in breeding and as his channel grows the more information that will be shared!

Bills YouTube channel