Bloodfin Tetra
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Bloodfin Tetra

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Scientific Name - Aphyocharax Rathbuni

Our Size - 1"

Max Size - 3"

Temperature Range - 24-26°C

pH Range - 6.0-8.0

Diet Bloodfin tetras are omnivores, so they need some meat in their diet. In their natural habitat, they eat crustaceans, small insects, and worms, so they need the nutrition from the meaty foods. You can feed them mainly a flake diet, but supplement with worms, frozen foods, shrimp, and insects.

Compatibility - Bloodfin Tetra can live peacefully with same species fish as well as other friendly pleco and catfish.

Our juvenile fish will vary from the image shown as our images are to show the potential colours and markings when at a fully mature size.