Pink Tail Chalceus


Scientific Name - Chalceus Macrolepidotus

Our Size - 6"

Max Size - 10"

Temperature Range - 23-28°C

pH Range - 6.0-7.5

Diet - While dried foods are usually accepted, a good proportion of the diet should contain meaty foods such as prawns, mussel, bloodworm, chopped earthworms etc.

Compatibility - These fish are best kept either as a single specimen or in groups of 6 or more, in small groups they tend to scrap with one another. Other than this, it is a good addition to many larger communities. Tankmates can include similarly-sized characins such as Leporinus, Metynnis, Mylossoma and Brycon sp., large Loricariids, Pimelodiids, and cichlids such as Geophagus or Satanoperca sp. Much smaller fish will be eaten.

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