High Fin Knight Goby


Scientific Name - Stigmatogobius Sadanundio

Our Size - 2-3cm

Max Size - 9cm

Temperature Range - 20-26°C

pH Range - 7.0- 8.5

Diet - An unfussy goby that will accept most dried, frozen and live foods such as mosquito larvae, spirulina enriched brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, chopped krill & prawns etc. It also enjoys some vegetable matter in its diet and will often browse on green algae if it is present in the aquarium.

Compatibility - Ideal tankmates are other hardwater or brackish species that inhabit different levels of the aquarium, such as archer fish, chromides, rainbowfish, monos etc. Do not combine it with other territorial species that inhabit the bottom of the aquarium such as many cichlids or there may be some aggression. It can be kept in groups but is also territorial towards conspecifics, so ensure that you provide plenty of hiding places.

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