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Arcadia Compact Ceramic Lamp Holder


This Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket (often called an ADCH) is one of the most popular bits of reptile heating equipment ever made. Priced cheaply at Swell UK, it features a secure connection and is made from high-quality materials that you can trust with the important job of holding your reptile heating in place, for the health and safety of your reptile.

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Product Information

Thousands of Swell Reptiles customers opt for an Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket every week, due to their superior build-quality, reliable track record and excellent Swell Reptiles price.

Each Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket is designed to be easily mounted in your reptile vivarium and to safely hold basking lamps in place with their bendable joint that allows you to position your bulb at a 45° angle to your vivarium wall.

Each Arcadia ADCH consists of a ceramic Lamp holder for screwfit (E27 Edison Screw) bulbs up to 250w, and is mounted on a black metal bracket.

The bracket can either be screwed directly onto a wooden vivarium, or attached to a glass terrarium using self adhesive pads.

The bracket can be angled to direct the lamp, creating a nice basking area.

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