Custom built Aquariums and cabinets,

Custom built tanks come with polished & chamfered edges as standard,

We do not believe in making such standards a billable added expense!

Choice in silicone colors,

  • clear
  • black
  • grey

sizes range from 10"x5"x5" all the way upto 10'x3'x3' our standard sizes are below,

  • 1x1x1
  • 2x1x1
  • 2x2x1
  • 2x2x2
  • 3x1x1
  • 3x2x1
  • 3x2x2
  • 4x1x1
  • 4x2x1
  • 4x2x2
  • 5x2x1
  • 5x2x1
  • 5x2x2
  • 6x1x1
  • 6x2x1
  • 6x2x2
  • 7x1x1
  • 7x2x1
  • 7x2x2
  • 8x1x1
  • 8x2x1
  • 8x2x2
  • 9x1x1
  • 9x2x1
  • 9x2x2
  • 10x1x1
  • 10x2x1
  • 10x2x2

Cabinets come in an array of shapes sizes & configurations, cabinets can be built to suit the aquarium you order or just to replace the cabinet you already have we will require full dimensions of your wanted newly built cabinet. 

  • Choice in door handles,
  • Choice in cabinet finishes,
  • Choice in locking mechanisms,
  • range of colors,

We will not install sumps and pipe work into already setup aquariums, 
We will however supply the sump & pipework if needed,

All tanks "Aquariums, Breeding tanks & Sumps" have a ready for use date sticker on them, 
If used before sticker state you are not covered for failure.

Glass sliders are supplied at additional cost,

Pelmets "plinths" are supplied at an additional costs,

Cabinets come in standard flat colors when being quoted for cabinet prices, 
High Gloss is more expensive so will higher your cabinet cost.

Vinyl backing on your aquariums can be supplied again this is at additional cost.

Please email with you're requirements and we will be back with you as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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