Congo Tetra


Species – Phenacogrammus interruptus

Our Size – 4cm

Max Size – 9cm

Temperature Range – 22- 28°C

pH Range – 6.0 - 6.5 

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The colorful tetras of South America have relatives that are just as colorful in the region of the Congo River in Africa. One of these species is the Congo Tetra, which shines in all the colors of the rainbow. It was not discovered until 1949 and was not imported as a common aquarium fish until the 1960s. For years, aquarists tried to breed this species successfully and had mixed results, as the beauty of the fish diminished with each successive breeding out of their native Congo River, with the extended central tail area all but disappearing in successive generations.

Then in the 1970s, Florida fish farms perfected a breeding line, and most examples of this species found in stores today descend from this strain. The Congo Tetras that you buy in most stores today will breed true, with all the color and trailing tail of the native African fish.

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