Temperature Range: 22-30°C

Minimum Tank Volume: 100 liters

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The Blue Phantom Pleco, L128 (Hemiancistrus sp.) is found in the northern most portions of the Rio Orinoco river in Venezuela. ... Specimens from the northern most areas of the Rio Orinoco valley tend to be the darkest in color, with specimens from further down river having an appreciably lighter body coloration.They are believed to grow to around 8 inches and have a life span of 8-10 years.

Blue Phantom Plecos do best in aquariums that replicate the conditions of their natural tropical stream habitat. These conditions include: sand or rounded pebble substrate, stable warm water temperatures, highly oxygenated water, live plants or tree root and moderate water currents.

Some suitable tank mates include silver dollars, tetras, and Prochilodus. Omnivorous and easy to feed, these plecos will eat tank algae, but they should be fed varied live and frozen foods like daphnia, brine, and bloodworm in addition. They will also accept sinking pellets, wafers, and raw vegetables.

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