Pearl Cichlid (Balzanii Geophagus)


Scientific Name - Balzanii Geophagus

Our Size - 3-4cm

Max Size - Male up to 8″ (20cm)

                 Female up to 5.6″ (14cm)

Temperature Range - 21-25°C

pH Range - 6.5-7.5

Diet - This cichlid species will accept brine shrimp, ghost shrimp, insects, omnivore pellets, fish flake, and spirulina flakes.

Compatibility - The Balzanii Geophagus is typically compatible with Severums, Raphael catfish, Silver dollars, Acara Cichlids, Heckelii Cichlids, and other eartheaters.

Special Requirements - Maintaining a slightly acidic and soft water chemistry will also help to encourage their most natural behaviour.

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