Red Spotted Gold Severum


Scientific Name - Heros Appendiculatus 

Our Size - 6-8cm (2.4-3.2")

Max Size - 30cm (12")

Temperature Range - 23-29°C

pH Range - 5.5-7.0

Diet - The Red Spotted Gold Severum likes to eat a varied diet of high quality pellets or sticks, they can also eat a mixture of frozen foods such as white mosquito larvae, bloodworm, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, mysis, krill, and chopped prawns, along with some fresh vegetable matter.

Compatibility - Red Spotted Gold Severums are relatively peaceful Cichlids and usually only become territorial or aggressive when breeding. These fish are a good choice for a community of large, peaceful fish, ideally keep with other South American species.

Photo - Stock photo to be updated soon.

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